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Private Readings
Susan AndersonThe 45 minute Phone Reading will consist of information regarding where you are, a little bit of information about where you have been and a reading based on those dynamics of where you are going. Susan feels the purpose of a private reading is for her clients to obtain information on where they are going and what they may want to change or be aware of as they move into decision-making moments in upcoming events that may yield them a more positive outcome or new direction.

During the 45 minute Phone Reading the client may choose to spend more time hearing from people on the other side. It is up to the client to choose the type of reading he or she would like. And, in a reading with more spirit communication, you will hear from deceased relatives and friends. Susan will give you information to validate this person and deliver the spirit's message for you. It is not uncommon for spirits to come through that also belong to your spouse's family and friends, including husbands, wives and past relationships. When the door is swung open, the invite is there for anyone on the other side that has a message for you to come through. Many times, the biggest messages can come from the most unexpected people.

To schedule a private reading, please call 941-400-7993 or 612.824.2427. If you get Susan's messaging service, please state clearly your name and phone number and someone will gladly return your call. An appointment is held for the client for three business days to help them send a Money Order. Money Orders must be received within three business days of reserving your appointment.

Susan's private reading schedules are limited and it is important to schedule at your earliest convenience. She does have a referral list to offer a client when she is unable to place someone within her calendar year.

Choose the type of private reading you would like with Susan:
45 minute phone reading
25 minute In Person reading

Gift Certificates are a unique gift for that special somebody. Call us at 941-400-7993.

Susan is available for private and company events and parties. Call us at 612.824.2427 or email us at irequest@bridgingtwoworlds.net to request a quote for your event today.

If you cannot make your appointment, it is important to let Susan know as soon as possible so that it may be rescheduled. We are happy to send a gift certificate entitling the bearer to reschedule one time without penalty. If you miss your appointment or need to cancel we do not refund any monies.

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