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“Transition takes us off autopilot. Intention puts us in the pilot’s seat."

-Susan Anderson, Excerpt from Communicating With Grace©

Sarasota: an Introspective Journey© and the series of Inner Journey: the Series© are an investment in yourself. It is the best investment anyone can make! What is your walk in life? Whether you are a homemaker, businessperson, executive, salesperson, fireman, athlete, writer, artist, student or senior, or perhaps someone we didn't mention, these classes are for YOU! Give yourself one of the most valuable gifts you can, the journey of self-discovery with real experiences and validations! The seminars are intended to self-motivate and offer you the opportunity to discover how you can choose to author your own life's journey through knowing the who, what and why of "you" and the power you have over your own life!

In 2003 Susan, along with her daughter, authored the four-part, monthly series of Inner Journey©. Since those early days, Susan has authored Inner Journey: the Series©. The Inner Journey© series was designed for a group setting and to be taught on a consecutive monthly schedule.

In 2009, Susan designed a series of teachings that can be taught privately one-on-one or in a group setting. Susan authored and teaches this series called Sarasota: an Introspective Journey©. The series has been taught in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, hence its title.

Today, Susan also teaches Sarasota: an Introspective Journey© in several other locations. The beginning of 2014 ushered in some great added-features to this already popular seminar. Susan has added a group seminar style to the already individualized successful coursework.

2015 is the introduction year for the new seminar "Wise Mind - Connecting logic, emotion, the physical body and spirit."©

Susan mentions, "I am attempting to meet people's financial needs. For those who can afford to attend the private one-on-one seminar in Florida, I feel they will continue to get a great jump-start, achieve well and enjoy their time away from their home to have a wonderful experience. And, for people whose budgets are more limited or travel is an issue, I am working at teaching them and offering seminars in my home city and in Houston, TX by offering both private one-on-one seminars or group style settings."

Sarasota: an Introspective Journey©

Wise Mind

"Wise Mind - Connecting logic, emotion, the physical body and spirit."©

Experience this 5-day journey to restore your energy and gain your motivation with Life Coach & Psychic Medium, Susan Anderson.
Enjoy days in the sun.

Do you have Life Exhaustion? Are you feeling worn out? Take a break and join Susan in Sarasota. The relaxing and inspiring environment creates a space for your discoveries.

  • Discover how your life's choices and experience influence your future.
  • Discover how you can implement the "Wise Mind" teachings in your daily life.
  • Discover how to create changes in your present life, which will affect your future.
  • Discover techniques to become energized, creative and motivated.
  • Discover skills that will inspire better and rewarding choices in your life.
  • Discover communication with your Guardian Angels.
  • Discover an Attitude of Gratitude and a whole new way of stepping into your life's journey.
  • Discover how you can create a state of conscious detachment from negative and impulsive thoughts and feelings. Learn how you can create conscious awareness.

Daily energy work and meditations are complimented with techniques selected for your needs and wants. They can include; studying your Dreams, Thought Processing Development, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Developmental Processing of Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Defensive Life Exhaustion Skills, Intuitive Recognition and Re-energizing.

There are a variety of other interests you can explore. Some of these are Numerology, Energy Work, Developmental Psychic Development, The use of Essential Oils, Dreams and their meanings, Developing Meditations, and more.

Inner Journey: the Series© was developed to be taught on a consecutive once a month schedule.

Inner Journey: the Series©

Inner Journey: the Series© sets the stage of discovery into the wonderful gift of your soul, intuition or psychic ability and how you can choose to better use it in your daily life. This series includes segments of the who, what and whys of such topics as: authoring your journey and taking yourself out of the "victim in life" mode and redesigning your thinking and intention, old interpretations of what you thought you knew and what you can make them mean in the present. The series also includes the values of meditation, dreams and working when we are asleep, telepathy, empathy and channeling, past life recall and its importance, childhood fear elimination, astral travel, auras: seeing and feeling the energy, chakras, meeting your Guidance and much more.

The series would not be complete without the segments on "Perception and Intention" and the art of "Communication". Each area of the teachings and philosophy of Inner Journey: the Series© offers the student an awareness of the importance of ethics, compassion, integrity, and how a positive attitude is vital to ourselves and others.

"Perception and Intention are the fuels that drive communication."

Meet the pelicans, Perception and Intention…What do you feel or think they are communicating?

Inner Journey: the Series© #1 –This class will start you on a new path of authoring your journey and creating the life you truly want. Learn the art of communicating. Work with the techniques to meet your Guidance. Telepathy, Empathy and Channeling are the methods of communicating without physical words. Whether we are aware or not, see how this communication affects you. Practice the fine art of meditation. Learn how meditation can help balance you and discover your own possibilities. Some of the topics to learn: psychic awareness and protection; introduction to chakra; dreams and our ability to work when we are asleep; meeting your Guidance and the art of communicating with them. Learn your possibilities through gratitude. Come to this class ready to capture your moments of learning and experiences.

Inner Journey: the Series© #2– Develop communication with your Guidance. The agenda for this weekend: Extra-Sensory Development; Auras: what they are and how can you sense them; Psychometry: what is it and how it affects you; Remote Viewing; Health Scanning; Authoring your journey with gratitude. It's a "hands on" weekend, so rest and come ready to experience and work.

Inner Journey: the Series© #3– This is the weekend of Communication. Learn the art of communication and what roles perception and intention play in all forms of communication. Access a higher level of working with your Guidance and how to develop this communication. Learn to recognize "signs" and what that can mean to you. It is a weekend of self-discovery & awareness. Learn what you can manifest when you become flexible in your outlook.

Inner Journey: the Series© #4– A state of "see it and be it" is the topic this weekend. This is your weekend to work with developing what resonates for you. Where do you want to be in the future, and how do you see yourself accomplishing it? Work with your Guidance, Psychic Etiquette and your code of ethics, lucid dreaming and how you can use it. Experience an introduction to essential oils and aromatherapy, a higher level of protection and awareness, and an introduction into channeling and spirit communication.

Inner Journey: the Series© Advanced Session #1–The weekend is built around the Psychic/Medium and the Client connection.

Students will build their skills in communication with Spirit and the Client. It is the beginning of learning on an advanced level, including presentation of information, getting factual and concise information while working with Guidance to develop immediate symbol interpretation through evolving the communication of understanding.

We will discuss the seven E's of mediumship: work with advanced levels of identification and protection.

Students are expected to be ready for a weekend of challenges and growth. Topics include Ethics and the Medium; Ego and the role it plays; Energy Recognition and its use or abuse; Expectations: You, the Client and Spirit; Proof is in the smallest details; Focus: learning to Think Fast while working with Guidance; Gauging your Psychic Status; Living Fearlessly with Positive Affirmation.

Inner Journey: the Series© Advanced Session #2 The weekend is built around Death and Dying. 

What is it like to die, what is the transition we go through and what is it like on the "Other Side"? Use wisdom when helping and Clearing Spirit, and learn techniques to deal it. What are Spirit Attachment and Soul Retrieval, and how do they affect you and others? Building upon developing your reading skills, and the dynamics of your reading session will also be studied this weekend.

Inner Journey: the Series© Advanced Session #3This weekend will be dedicated to bringing together the knowledge you have acquired, and practicing your techniques. It will include a session on Spirit Detachment and Soul Retrieval. Discussions of Police Work and how to get started, Life Coaching and what you need to know, the Psychic Medium and staying on track, healing and the important role it plays in your life.

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