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Bridging Two Worlds

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It is through Grace and Wisdom we can improve our day...Our Life.
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When your message appears, take a moment to breathe and read it again. Ask - How does this pertain to my life?

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Northland News
3/13/2015, Life Coaches help raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital
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"Intuitive Life and Career Coaching"
Is it possible your own thoughts are limiting your potential? Do you keep
repeating the same behavior hoping for a different result? Do you feel you
want to change how you deal with grief, depression or anxiety? Do you just feel stuck?
Perhaps it is time for Sarasota: an Introspective Journey©, a personal
coaching retreat to help you discover ways you can create changes in your life.

Who is Susan Anderson?
Susan is a nationally recognized Intuitive Life and Career Coach and speaker. She is a psychic medium and developmental mentor. Susan is a published author who enjoys writing and developing new projects.

Susan brings a practical approach to assisting with life questions of the here, the now and the beyond.

She specializes in providing communication from spirit. She offers private readings, gallery/large audience readings, one-on-one life coaching seminars and intuitive skills classes. She is a Master/Teacher and offers Reiki/Shamanic energy sessions.

After a life-altering event, Susan embraced her natural abilities. She trained with established intuitive and healing professionals around the country. Susan developed her own personal way of helping clients through readings, reiki & shamanic work, meditation and practical instruction on personal development.

Susan is the accomplished author of seminars: Sarasota: an Introspective Journey©, Inner Journey: the Series© and Inner Journey: the Advanced Series©.

Susan has authored the non-fiction Communicating With Grace, The Awakening of a Psychic Medium© about her personal journey and struggles.

Susan has worked with Doctors and Law Enforcement. She helps people deal with grief, anxiety, depression and other issues that plague a person's ability to move through life successfully.

Since 2004, Susan is known for her charitable work with radio stations B-105 and KOOL 101.7. Susan, together with the radio stations, raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Over the past years, Susan has been heard on radio stations nationwide and Canada. She has also appeared on NBC and FOX TV.

What is Bridging Two WorldsSusan Anderson
Bridging Two Worlds®
is Susan Anderson's public event. It is typically a two-three hour event. The event's activities include Susan sharing her own story, a question and answer period, and readings for some of the attendees. Readings are intended to be used to assist in a business or personal situations. Readings also can be messages from the other side. Messages from the other side may pertain to past, present or future events in an audience member's life or in the life of someone they know. Messages can be funny, sad, touching, trivial or serious. Each reading is brief. Susan works diligently to cover all the sections of the audience, but there is no guarantee everyone will get a reading.

Check the Event Calendar for dates and times of events in your area

home inner journey
home journey"Transition takes us off autopilot; intention puts us in the pilot's seat"
- Susan Anderson, Excerpt from Communicating With Grace©

Sarasota: an Introspective Journey© and the series of Inner Journey: the Series© are an investment in yourself. It is the best investment anyone can make! What is your walk in life? Whether you are a homemaker, businessperson, executive, salesperson, fireman, athlete, writer, artist, student or senior, or perhaps someone we didn't mention, these classes are for YOU! Give yourself one of the most valuable gifts you can, the journey of self-discovery with real experiences and validations! The seminars are intended to self-motivate and offer you the opportunities to discover how you can choose to author your own life's journey through knowing the who, what and why of "you" and the power you have over your own life!

In 2003 Susan along with her daughter authored the four-part, monthly series of Inner Journey©. Since those early days, Susan has authored Inner Journey: the Series©. The Inner Journey series was designed for a group setting and to be taught on a consecutive monthly schedule.

Several years ago Susan designed a similar series of teachings that can be taught privately or in a group setting. Susan authored and teaches this series called Sarasota: an Introspective Journey©. The series has been taught in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, hence its title.

Today, Susan also teachesSarasota: an Introspective Journey© in several other locations. The beginning of 2014 ushers in some great added-features to this already popular seminar. Susan has added a group seminar style to the already individualized successful coursework.

For more information please check out Seminars or the Event Page for our current schedule.

Communicating with Grace home
Communicating With Grace, The Awakening of a Psychic Medium©
is about Susan Anderson's personal journey, from her first vision of her brother's death to finding acceptance and the challenges she had in learning to own her own power. This journey touches everyone in some way—perhaps it will spark an awakening in you, bring back a memory, raise a question, offer affirmation or simply bring a smile, a laugh or even a tear or two. Click here for information on how to purchase a copy.

Communicating With Grace©
can be found or ordered at any major bookstore. It is rated 4 1/2 stars on Amazon.com. Look for more books from Susan in the near future.

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